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Meet the members of the Youngstown Total Package Band

Henry - Lead Vocals

Ruccie - Keyboard, Lead and Background Vocals

Liz – Lead Vocals & Percussions

Ed – Drums

Greg – Keyboard, Lead and Background Vocals

These musicains are from Youngstown, Warren and Farrell, Pa. area.

(YTP) plays a variety of music including R&B / Funk /

Line Dance / Jazz and Pop Music. Entertaining in Clubs / Parties / Weddings / Banquets

Contact the group at 330.720.2485 or email Gregg at

youngstown's total package band download entire song list

The Total Package Band plays everything from Marvin Gaye to Snoop Dogg. Here are just a few: Click here to download entire song list

  • Mary J. Blige - Just Fine
  • The Ojays - (Mix of four songs)
  • Keyshia Cole - Let It Go
  • Whatever You Like - TI
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